Hope Corner Community Centre is a multi-purpose venue situated on Mays Lane in the ground floor section of a small affordable housing apartment block.

Its location is designed to play a key part in bringing the Dollis Valley and Underhill together as one community. In another part of the ground floor is a self-contained community nursery, replacing a similar operation that has been on the estate for many years.

As the complete redevelopment of Dollis Valley may last for more than eight years, there are significant challenges during that time and the trustees (Barnet Churches Action – BCA) see Hope Corner playing a vital role in continuing to support residents staying on the Dollis Valley estate, particularly the vulnerable and less able.

The centre provides important services to residents coming into the area and the extended community of Underhill.

The trustees and staff are focused on delivering a development programme of increased and enhanced support for residents and specific groups where there is clear need or a gap in existing local services.

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