The Dollis Valley Flexible Fund supports community-led programmes / projects in Dollis Valley (and the immediate area of the Underhill Ward) which meet the needs of residents.

Priority is given to projects that focus on people, groups or organisations with the greatest need, particularly in the credit crisis and post pandemic period.

The Dollis Valley Flexible Fund Steering Committee has identified the target categories for support which projects must be aligned with:

Employability & Training
o  Supporting local people to access training to gain skills and experience towards employment.
o  Providing free educational assistance to raise literacy, numeracy and language skills to raise prospects for employability.

Crisis Support
o  Crisis intervention, including food bank referral, meal voucher schemes, lunch delivery services, financial support schemes and initiatives that signpost advice services in the borough.
o  Volunteering opportunities for residents whose employment has been impacted by the pandemic.
o  Debt counselling and financial crisis advice.

o  Physical wellbeing, particularly initiatives that help with mobility and staying fit / healthy while isolating.
o  Mental wellbeing, i.e. services which stimulate mental health, prevent isolation and relieve loneliness.
o  Emotional wellbeing, such as bereavement support and relationship counselling.

Inclusion & Connectivity
o  IT facilities and support to enable distance learning and which promote computer literacy.
o  Distance learning support.
o  Support for voluntary carers.
o  Initiatives that promote community inclusion and cohesion.

o  Initiatives that stimulate creative skills.
o  Activities for elderly people (especially those living on their own).
o  Activities for children outside school term times.
o  Trips/outings (e.g. cultural, recreational, etc.).

How much is available?
Applications can be made for grants of up to £3,000 for projects with a duration of up to 12 months.

The application process is managed by Barnet Churches Action.

For guidelines about making an application, please download this fact sheet

Application forms can be downloaded here:
Organisations’ application form
Individual’s application form

Applications awarded funding, click here.

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