Inlunch in the community May, some of the staff and trustees volunteered to help with a lunch service that was being provided by Open Door and the Food Bank at Christ Church, Barnet.

This ran on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with Wednesday being a particular focus for lunches delivered to the residents of Dollis Valley and Underhill.

It proved to be so successful that Barnet Churches Action approached the Open Door trustees with a view to forming a partnership to make the lunch service available every weekday.

The new project, entitled Lunch in the Community, has seen 20-30 lunches prepared by Hope Corner on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Dollis Valley and Underhill residents with Open Door providing meals the alternate days for other parts of High Barnet and beyond.

We were delighted to launch this at the end of May and are providing lunches up and until the end of August, with the possibility of extending it further for the most vulnerable people who continue to shield beyond this date.

We are grateful to the financial support received from Countryside Properties, The Valentine Poole Charity, Underhill Baptist Church and Barnet Community Response Fund (Barnet Together / Young Barnet Foundation).


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