Welcome to the Tea and Tech Quiz.

What is Microsoft Windows?

What is the main workspace of a Windows computer is called?

What happens when you delete a file?

What is Cortana?

What keyboard shortcut would you use to Paste text?

What is Windows Defender?

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, iTunes, and Adobe Photoshop are examples of?

What is the Internet?

Which of the following is NOT a Web Browser?

What is a browser cookie?

When searching for facts on a controversial topic, it's best to stick to reliable, unbiased sources like?

In Google, how should you phrase your search if you want to exclude a certain word from your results (for example, "chocolate")?

Which of the following is NOT recommended when creating a strong password?

When you receive a new email, where will it appear?

When responding to a group of people on email, what reply option should you use?

What option do you use if you want to remove a message from your inbox without getting rid of it?

Identify the correctly written email address below:

To sign out of Gmail, what do you click on?

Which of the following can you access with a Google account?

Google Docs is similar to what other application?

Whenever you create a new Google document, it will open in -

What is the easiest way to share a Google Drive file with a large group of people?

When you store files in the cloud, you are?

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