Tea & Tech is a project run in conjunction with the Barnet Rotary Club, which started in May 2016. Designed to help retired and semi-retired people cope with key areas of new technology, a group of local volunteers assist residents to follow the specifically-designed custom instructions, moving on to everyday application tasks. The project uses a suite of laptop computers, donated by Rotary, in the purpose-built IT area.

Course schedule
During October 2017, we will be covering the following subjects:

  • Windows Basics
  • Windows 10
  • Setting up wifi
  • How to use a mouse

We are really so lucky. The centre created in Barnet, called Hope Corner, by Dollis Valley, where people can go to attend various classes and have a lovely cup of coffee and a chat is perfect for us more ‘mature students’.
I have been attending some IT classes on a weekly basis, with a small group of mature people, just like myself, and have learned an awful lot. The trouble with computers is that they move a lot faster than us, mature educated humans. Technology is a tough act to follow. As my son says, never stop learning. This is what I intend, whether the information that goes into our head has the ability to keep it there for longer than a certain term, remains to be seen.
I am just happy that I have been given the chance to attend.
Let us have more PLEASE.

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